Vineyard Road Rose is a regional blend of Grenache from renowned Barossa Valley region.  The wine is an easy drinking high quality Rose ready to drink now. 

Vineyard Road Premium Barossa Valley Grenache Rose

  • NOSE: Displays tropical notes of guava and fruit cup aromas complemented with strawberries and cream

    PALATE: Flavours of ripe strawberries and passionfruit

    SERVE: Chill beforehand, let stand for 30 minutes and keep in an ice-bucket in between pouring

    PAIR: Accompaniment to fresh salad, charcuterie, salmon and duck & enjoy as a delightful Aperitif

  • VINTAGE: 2019

    VINEYARD: Barossa Valley

    CELLARING: No maturation process employed. This wine is best drunk while it is youthful

    ALCOHOL: 11.5%